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An Overview of Breast Cancer and Mammographic Correlations | 0 credits. $0.00
The reader will gain an understanding of breast anatomy, cancer, and the mammographic correlations.

The Radiologic Technologistsí Role In An ERCP | 0 credits. $0.00
The goal of this article is to demonstrate how intertwining Radiology and Endoscopy has created a powerful tool for physicians, the role of the Radiologic Technologist during the procedure, and how the procedure can be improved with the Technologist increased knowledge.

Understanding the Modified Barium Swallow Study | 0 credits. $0.00
This CEU article was written by a Licensed Speech Language Pathologist and will aid the Radiologic Technologist in understanding the Modified Barium Swallow study.


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Diagnosing Diverticulosis | 0 credits. $0.00
Describing the different Radiology exams and how each aids in diagnosing diverticulosis.

Digital Imaging | 0 credits. $0.00
It is vital for any radiologic technologist working with digital imaging systems to be educated on the equipment they are using. This lesson covers the topic of digital imaging. The advantages and disadvantages of the different systems available are mentioned. Basic digital imaging terminology, the process of capturing and viewing a digital image, and basic quality control to be done in a digital imaging department are discussed. Also contained in the lesson is a breakdown of a PACS. The lesson will also discuss possible ways to decrease patient dose with digital imaging systems.